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Chicago Bulls Get One Step Closer To Winning 2016 NBA Lottery

If you're an elite-level consumer of Chicago Bulls news, you probably know that the team owns a future first round draft pick of the Charlotte Bobcats thanks to a trade that sent forward Tyrus Thomas out of town three seasons ago. The draft pick is under varying degrees of protection until 2016, when the Bulls will get Charlotte's first rounder no matter where it lands. This is perhaps the most pie-in-the-sky way for the Bulls to acquire another star player next to Derrick Rose, but it's fun for Chicagoans nonetheless.

The Bulls took a big step towards getting that 2016 pick during Wednesday night's lottery when the Bobcats finished second.

Charlotte had the best chance (25%) to win the lottery last night by virtue of finishing with the league's worst record last season, but the top pick instead went to the New Orleans Hornets. While getting the second pick may not be a huge bummer in some years, it certainly is in 2012.

Chicago native and Kentucky forward Anthony Davis is the top player available by head-and-shoulders. He is to defense what Kevin Durant is to offense. He is perceived to be the only 'franchise guy' in this year's draft class.

The Bobcats are really bad. Borderline hopeless now after failing to grab the rights to Davis. Do they even have a player on the roster who would crack the Bulls' rotation?

Point being, Charlotte could land a nice player at No. 2, but there's still fairly high bust potential for each of the candidates at No. 2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist , Brad Beal, Andre Drummond, and Thomas Robinson will likely be the four players Charlotte chooses from. That's a much more difficult decision than just saying Davis' name.

What's the worst news possible for Michael Jordan's Charlotte squad is ideal for the Bulls. The draft pick Charlotte owes Chicago is top-12 protected next season, top-10 protected the following season and top-8 protected in 2015.

Bulls fans have to root for Charlotte to be bad for a long time to cash-in on the that miracle chance in 2016. The good news is at the moment, the Bobcats don't look to have much hope.

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