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Brian Scalabrine Does Yoga, Plays Dodgeball In Weird New Commercial

Why Brian Scalabrine feels so impassioned about a person's right to choose their energy supplier remains unclear, but the appearance of the Chicago Bulls forward in a bizarre new commercial certainly seems to be doing wonders for Power 2 Switch. For example, did you know Power 2 Switch is a company that provides a list of alternative energy suppliers to allow a person to break free from the purported tyranny of ComEd? Now you do! At least if you spend your downtime in the office reading basketball blogs, I guess.

This commercial is a fun commercial. It features Scalabrine under the guise of his "White Mamba" nickname -- character? -- scaling obstacle courses, playing ping-pong at a highly advanced level and even performing Jedi mind tricks. He does this alongside a chubby bearded dude acting as the Stevie to his Kenny Powers.

Check it out, after the jump:

H/T: The Basketball Jones

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