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Carlos Boozer Says He Played Well, Calls Bulls Season A Success And Decides 'All That Matters, Yo'

The injury-ravaged Chicago Bulls were eliminated from the 2012 NBA Playoffs on Thursday night in Philadelphia, and they gave the game away in the final seconds, but Carlos Boozer didn't exactly come off as torn apart in the post-game interviews. His choice of words wasn't really the problem, either. It was his choice of opinions. Sure Bulls would have likely taken down the Philadelphia 76ers if Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng hadn't suffered debilitating injuries, but that's not where Chicago's least favorite power forward decided to take the conversation after his 1-11 shooting performance in the elimination game.

Instead, Boozer chose to focus on how well he felt the season went personally, and why the top seed in the playoffs is more important than winning the NBA Championship. Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago relays Boozer's poorly thought out post-game quotes :

"I thought I played well, especially with the kind of season it was," Boozer said, when asked to asses his second season in Chicago. "We had the best record again in basketball, won our division again, had the top seed again, that's all that matters, yo."

To be fair, Boozer clearly cared about the outcome of the game and the untimely end to the season. In the heat of the moment, as the Bulls squandered their fourth quarter lead against the Sixers, Boozer produced this enduring image of the Chicago Bulls' 2012 NBA Playoff run:

facee_1.jpg (367×506)

Maybe next time he can find some better thoughts to get off his chest in the post-game presser. That's if there is a next time for Boozer in Chicago, of course.

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