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ANIMATED: Joakim Noah Crosses Thad Young, Fires Finger Gunz In First Half Vs. 76ers

The Chicago Bulls needed THAT first half from Joakim Noah in the worst way. You couldn't blame the United Center crowd if seeing injured star guard Derrick Rose present the game ball only induced more sadness before Game 2, but Noah's stellar effort has the fans alive and the Bulls holding a 55-47 lead at halftime.

Noah ended the half with 14 points and five rebounds, and was responsible for many of the first half highlights. After the jump, catch .gifs of Noah firing off finger gunz and dropping a nasty crossover on Philadelphia forward Thad Young.

Check the crossover. Did Young trip?


Looks legit to me. Someone get this bro on the And-1 tour.

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Noah's ball handling wasn't the only thing on display: his outside shooting was on-point, too. And y'all know what happens when Noah knocks down a jumper.



The more finger gunz, the better.

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