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As Brian Scalabrine Salutes United Center Fans, Local TV Station Knows His Best Position

Before the Chicago Bulls secured their 50th win on the final night of the regular season on Thursday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago turned to forward Brian Scalabrine to address the United Center crowd before the opening tip. Scalabrine has been one of the most popular players on the team since signing with the Bulls last season for an assortment of reasons, most of them good (great practice player, teammates and coach Tom Thibodeau love him, ect.).

Bulls blowouts at home have grown to be characterized by two things: the fans cheering incessantly for a) the team to score 100 points so the crowd secures free Big Macs, and b) the fans cheering incessantly for Scalabrine to get some burn.

"SCAL-A-BRINE" is actually an easy and fun name to chant, I suppose.

As Scal saluted the UC crowd before the playoffs officially began, Comcast SportsNet put up a hilarious graphic.


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