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Jimmy Butler And His Stuffed Husky 'Royce' Had The Best Day Ever

When the Bulls drafted Jimmy Butler with the 30th overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft, Chicago knew they were landing a defensive specialist with athletic upside and a high motor. He personifies everything coach Tom Thibodeau preaches daily.

Well, maybe except his infatuation with a stuffed husky named Royce. Pictures of what appears to be the greatest day a first round pick and a toy dog could possibly have, following the jump.

Jimmy went to Twitter (@mr_2eight1) to show off his new pet. This is what followed.


There is my husky. I named him Royce


Royce marking his territory lol


Royce heard somebody at the door...


Royce!! What I say about drinking out the toilet!!


Buckled up and ready to go to Charlotte...


Taj money finna get bit by Royce while he sleep. @TajGibson22

Obviously, there are a lot of questions these photos induce. Mine go like so (in order of the pictures):

  1. Why is Jimmy keeping the tags on Royce? Is he trying to maintain Royce's value? Is he keeping Royce grounded, reminding him where he came from? Something even more dubious?
  2. What does a stuffed animal excrete to mark its territory?
  3. Who was at the door? Was it some kind of troublemaker and the thought of dealing with Royce turned that would-be-intruder away?
  4. Did Jimmy clean his toilet before the picture or is Royce forever tainted like George's toilet book?
  5. Did Royce have to buy his own ticket or is he treated like a small child? Don't animals have to be placed in travel cages?
  6. Is Royce making a power move or is he affectionately waiting for Taj to wake up for tender 'love bites'?

So many questions, folks.

Regardless, @mr_2eight1, SB Nation Chicago approves your message.

Twitter @ZWMartin