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Rockets Vs. Bulls Score Update: Chicago Leads By 11 At Halftime

Shooting guard Rip Hamilton is back and the Chicago Bulls have a lead against the Houston Rockets at halftime, a day after being blown out against the mighty Oklahoma City Thunder. Chicago will take a 51-40 lead into the halftime at the United Center led by a very strong half from center Joakim Noah. The Bulls were behind by as many as eight points earlier in the game.

Noah has 12 points, four rebounds and three blocks on 6-of-7 shooting from the field. Luol Deng has eight points and four rebounds. Hamilton has six points and three assists. John Lucas III (six points) and Kyle Korver (five points) also played well for Chicago off the bench.

Goran Dragic has 13 points for the Rockets. Power forward Luis Scola has 10 points and five rebounds. Marcus Camby has eight points and six rebounds for Houston at the half.

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