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Derrick Rose Injury: Bulls PG Likely Out On Wednesday But Staying Optimistic

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose continues to deal with a litany of injuries that have shortened his already lockout-abbreviated 2011-2012 NBA season, and at this point there's nothing to hold onto but hope. According to K.J. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, Rose isn't expected to play on Wednesday against the Charlotte Bobcats as he deals with the pain from his latest injury.

Rose spoke with reporters recently and Johnson has the quotes:

I remember walking back to the locker room and it was kind of sore. I took my shoe off and felt throbbing. Walking was messed up.It’s tendons around my ankle that have fluid on them. The fluid causes pain. I’m waiting for fluid to get out as quick as possible. If you put things in the universe, they come true. I’m staying focused, positive.

For now, Rose says that he's optimistic about his health for the playoffs and he hopes to get back onto the court before the end of the regular season. At this point, Bulls fans just have to be crossing their fingers that a potential championship season won't implode due to the injuries of a single player.

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