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'SportsCenter' Loves The Bulls

The most often voiced complaint of the sports fan this side of criticizing officiating has nothing to do with bats and balls and fields and courts: it's about coverage. Unless you're a Yankees or Red Sox fan, ESPN doesn't talk about your team enough. Your team, proud bearers of civic pride that they are, is disrespected by media gatekeepers. If only someone would sing the praises of your team, everyone else would see what you see every day: that your team proves the grit and might of your city, in turn devaluing the worth of the next similarly sized or geographically close metropolis in any direction.

This is why the latest "Bristolmetrics" post up at Deadspin on Monday registers as a bit of a shock. Turns out the Chicago Bulls were the most mentioned team on the 10 p.m. version of "SportsCenter" in any sport. And no, they aren't mispronouncing "New England Patriots". Star guard Derrick Rose was also the second most mentioned athlete behind only Bubba Watson, who just won The Masters.

Here's the breakdown, courtesy of Deadspin:

Chicago Bulls (NBA): 20.25 minutes (6.2%)
Miami Marlins (MLB): 13.25 (4.1%)
Arkansas Razorbacks (college football): 10.75 (3.3%)
New Orleans Saints (NFL): 9.25 (2.9%)


Bubba Watson: 50
Derrick Rose: 43
Phil Mickelson: 39
Ozzie Guillen: 29
Albert Pujols: 28

For updates, stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago. For more in-depth coverage on the Bulls, head over to Blog a Bull. And for more from around the league, visit SB Nation's NBA news hub.