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VIDEO: New ESPN Commercial Shows The Problem With Being "Michael Jordan"

For the too-cool kids that populate the 'Sportz Korner' of the Internet, ESPN has always been seen as a bit of a common enemy. It comes with the territory when you're the 10,000 lbs. gorilla in the sports media landscape. During the Will Leitch-helmed glory days of Deadspin, ESPN served as the chief opposition in what started to look like a war of Us Vs. Them. Meme-generating stories like "You're With Me, Leather" and "Lemme Know" weren't just a novelty during a time no one else was reporting things like this, they were also genuinely funny. But for as much razzing as ESPN gets from the Internet, even the harshest critics would concede their commercials are often very well done and have been known to induce laughs in a dry comedic style clearly in debt to Larry David.

On Monday, ESPN rolled out a new commercial for the company's "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports" campaign that centers on a man named Michael Jordan. Not that Michael Jordan. Video, after the jump.