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Bulls' John Lucas III Had A Cool Childhood

As he finally begins to make a name for himself this season as the surprisingly effective third-string point guard for the Chicago Bulls, John Lucas III has suddenly been shoved into the limelight. That's given him a chance to discuss what his childhood was like in front of a national audience, reminding us all that our childhoods weren't really all that cool.

For those who don't remember, Lucas III is the son of former NBA player and current Clippers assistant coach John Lucas II. That apparently gave him access to some simply awesome experiences.

My big brothers are Steve Francis, Allen Iverson, Damon Stoudamire, guys that I have a personal relationship with. And, you know, being around Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, um, rebounding for these guys. And George Gervin being my godfather, actually teaching me how to finger roll and the techniques.

He goes on from there to discuss how those experiences helped him to become the NBA player that he is now, explaining how he uses those past experiences to help him as he emerges within the league now.

(And additionally, my mom works near the Berto Center in Deerfield and says that Lucas III came off as a great guy upon meeting him once. So for now, let's all just admit that John Lucas III is just one cool dude.)