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Bulls Vs. Thunder Score Update: Chicago Trails 49-39 At Halftime

The Chicago Bulls are trailing 49-39 going into halftime against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday afternoon. Chicago struggled badly on offense in the first half without starting point guard Derrick Rose, and the game likely wouldn't be nearly as close if the Bulls weren't doing such a strong job on the boards.

Shooting was an issue for the Bulls in the first half as they drained just 36 percent of their shots. Outside of Kyle Korver, the team shot extremely poorly from long range, and Joakim Noah has played quite poorly on offense so far. The Thunder, on the other hand, are shooting a very solid 48 percent from the field.

The Bulls have a 24-19 advantage on the boards and eight offensive rebounds so far, a big part of why they're still in the game. Korver leads Chicago with 11 points on 4-of-6 shooting and Carlos Boozer has eight points and six rebounds. Russell Westbrook leads the Thunder with 18 points and Kevin Durant has added 14 points, five rebounds and three assists.

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