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NBA Standings 2012: Bulls Still League's Top Team

Today's match up between the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder features the two teams with the NBA's best records, but regardless of the outcome, the Bulls are guaranteed to exit OKC, and the week, with the top record in the league. The Bulls enter the game at 42-11 with the Thunder coming in at 39-12, and with both teams considered near locks to finish with the top seed in their respective conferences, today's game could help decide who has home court advantage should both teams advance to the NBA Finals.

That is of course very far down the road, though, and right now Chicago's primary focus is on keeping a healthy lead on the Miami Heat for the East's top seed. The Heat enter play on Sunday at 37-13 as they travel to face the Boston Celtics. Still the most intriguing race for Bulls fans to keep an eye on is the fight for the eighth seed in the East, as that team will likely face Chicago in the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Right now, the New York Knicks are leading the Milwaukee Bucks for the No. 8 spot by 2.5 games, but with the Knicks missing both Amare Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin for an extensive period of time, that order may flip in the not too distant future.

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