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Dwight Howard, Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors: Derrick Rose Says Howard Rumors Are 'Definitely Getting Old'

The Chicago Bulls might be the best team in the NBA, but that hasn't slowed trade rumors connecting the Bulls to free-agent-to-be Dwight Howard, center for the Orlando Magic. A potential deal for Howard has been discussed since the very start of the season, and as the trade deadline approaches, the entire situation remains the same: Howard is still in Orlando, he doesn't appear to want to go to Chicago, and the Bulls are being passive.

The Magic's meeting with the Bulls at the United Center last night only added fuel to the fire. To the surprise of no one, Rose is starting to get bothered by the constant speculation.

“It’s definitely getting old,” Rose said. “We’re sick and tired of ­hearing it. Like I said, the city speaks for itself. Chicago, marketing wise, is a great city. If someone chose to come here, they would definitely fit. I’m cool with the teammates I have.”

“I don’t pay attention to it unless someone comes to me — like you all and tell me something,” Rose said to a group of reporters. “I don’t know what’s going on or who’s talking to who. You all know more than I do.”

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