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Dwight Howard, Chicago Bulls Rumors: Howard Wants To Be 'That Guy That Everybody Is Leaning On'

The Orlando Magic are in town tonight to play the Chicago Bulls, which can only mean one thing: everyone is talking about the potential of Dwight Howard joining the Bulls to create a superteam with Chicago's reigning MVP Derrick Rose. While the pairing seems to make sense on a numerous levels, Howard has always been standoffish in regards to joining Chicago.

Today at shootaround, Howard gave some indication of what I've believed for a long time: he has no idea where he wants to play yet next season. Howard did say something that is potentially discouraging to those dreaming about Rose and Howard playing together. He enjoys being the focal point of a team.

"I don't think there's a player in the NBA that wants to be a nobody," Howard said after shootaround Thursday morning. "I think everybody wants to be that guy to take the last shot or be that guy that everybody is leaning on, for whatever reason.

"And I don't think there's any problem wanting to be that guy. I've been that guy for this team since I've been here. And my whole life I've been put in the position of leadership, and I take on that role and I love doing it. Just by what people think, it's very tough being a leader."

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