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NBA Power Rankings 2012: The Chicago Bulls Are No. 1

Tom Thibodeau's Chicago Bulls are distinct across the NBA landscape for their unique ability to keep their edge regardless of the competition. It's how Chicago stockpiled 62 regular season wins -- the most in the NBA -- a season ago, and also how they've raced out to an NBA-best record of 31-8 to begin this year. Chicago is 4-0 since the All-Star break with wins over the Hornets, Spurs, Cavs and 76ers, which is enough to bring the Bulls to the top of Tom Ziller's NBA power rankings over at The Mothership.

Says Ziller:

The Bulls were the only elite team without a loss (or two) in the post-All-Star ramp-up. The closest call came Sunday against the 76ers, but Derrick Rose was simply too much. Derrick Rose is simply too much.

March will really test how good these Bulls are. Chicago hosts the Pacers tonight, and also squares off against the Magic, Knicks, Heat, Trail Blazers, and 76ers over the next two weeks.

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