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NBA Standings 2012: Chicago Bulls Own NBA's Top Record

The Chicago Bulls are holding the NBA's best record through this juncture by the slimmest of margins with a 30-8 record as we dig into the March schedule. Chicago visits Philadelphia on Sunday to play the 76ers, who beat the Bulls easily when they last played on Feb. 1.

At the moment, the Oklahoma City Thunder are just a half-game behind Chicago with a 29-8 record while the Miami Heat are a full game back with a 28-8 record. All three teams have the same number of losses so far, but the Bulls have played a couple more games and managed to win them.

Chicago is nearly a lock to get a top-2 seed in the Eastern Conference for the playoffs, with the Heat being the only real threat to the top seed. The Indiana Pacers, also in the Midwest Division, are 5.5 games behind the Bulls right now, but they have won six games in a row.

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