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Dennis Rodman's 'Sickness' -- Alcoholism -- Is Preventing Him From Making Child Support Payments

There's an old Mitch Hedberg joke that alcoholism is the only disease a person can get yelled at for having. "Damnit Otto, you have lupus" just doesn't sound right.

Former Chicago Bulls power forward Dennis Rodman can presumably relate. Reports surfaced Monday that stated Rodman is behind on his child support payments and owes $800,000 to his third wife Michelle for the couple's nine and 10-year old children. Rodman could face 20 days in jail for failing to make the payments, and must appear in front of an Orange County, Calif. courtroom.

Rodman's lawyer argued today that the former rebounding machine is unable to make the payments because he is a broke alcoholic.

Here's what Rodman's finance manager Peggy Williams said about the Hall of Famer:

"In all honesty, Dennis, although a very sweet person, is an alcoholic," Williams said, according to the Daily Pilot in Costa Mesa, Calif. "His sickness impacts his ability to get work. This case, especially his wife filing for divorce, has put him on a binge that I have never seen before. He is extremely hurt and extremely sick. He is often unable to obtain work because of this sickness. And his sickness is getting increasingly worse.

Rodman was a notorious party boy during his playing boys, but it appears he's let those days linger for too long.