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Joakim Noah Apologizes For Incident, Ejection Against Toronto

Chicago Bulls starting center Joakim Noah apologized to the officiating crew of Saturday night's game between the Bulls and the Toronto Raptors for the actions that led to his ejection from the game in the second quarter, according to Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago.

I just want to apologize to the referee. That was wrong. I was frustrated at the call and I overreacted... I don't know what's going to happen about that. But I just want to apologize to the ref.

With 1:28 remaining in the first half, Noah was whistled for a foul that he immediately disagreed with. After being slapped with a technical foul for his response to the whistle, Noah proceeded to toss a ball in the direction of referee Derrick Collins, which led to a second technical and his ejection from the game.

Despite Noah's absence, the Bulls won 102-101 in overtime thanks to a buzzer-beating tip-in by Luol Deng.

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