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Video: Ronnie Brewer Hilariously Yells 'Big Macs!' To Kyle Korver With The Bulls Stuck On 97 Points

The scene: the Chicago Bulls are playing the Boston Celtics at home last season and lead by 17 points with :19 seconds remaining in the game. Chicago has 97 points and the Celtics' Nenad Krstic is at the foul line. Bulls guard Ronnie Brewer is on the bench, and realizes the gravity of the situation. Between free throws, Brewer yells to Kyle Korver "Big Macs!"

Or, in slow motion, "Biiiiiiiigggg Maaaaaaaacs." Either way, really.

Video, after the jump...

I dug through Basketball Reference to find the game and see if the fans did indeed get their beloved free Big Macs, but, alas, they did not. This would be the Bulls' 58th win of last year, a 97-81 victory on April 7.

Given that Korver has proven himself to have a firm grasp on when and why the United Center cheers, I'd like to think Korver didn't jack up a last second three to piss off the fans ("troll" I believe is what the kids say, yes?) rather out of (lame) good sportsmanship.

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