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Bulls Vs. Blazers Score Update: Bulls With Narrow 53-50 Lead At Half

The Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls have basically played the slumping, down-and-out Portland Trailblazers to a draw in the first half of Friday night's game at the United Center, going into the locker room with a 53-50 lead. The Bulls were led in the half by their frontcourt, with Joakim Noah supplying 10 points, five rebounds and four assists and Carlos Boozer topping that with a monster 14 points, eight points and four assists.

The Blazers, in their first game without ex-head coach Nate McMillan, were buoyed by 6-13 three point shooting as a team, which included three made long range buckets from Nick Batum, who lead the team in the half with 15 points. Considering Portland's efficiency from outside, the Bulls must feel a bit lucky to be at halftime, though they probably feel equally as good about their chances in the second half, assuming Portland's three shooting regresses.

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