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VIDEO: High School Highlight Reel Of Derrick Rose, Because Why Not?

Many of you may have already seen this highlight reel of Bulls hero, Derrick Rose. (Based on the 2.5 million views, you probably have.) However, I did not until this morning. My newest source of all things awesome -- or heartbreaking -- and friend, Luke Sassano, sent along this YouTube clip for me to peruse. It is 3 minutes and 22 seconds of Rose doing sick nasty things in high school. It features footage from both Rose's AAU team Meanstreet -- Hornets star(?) Eric Gordon was a teammate -- and high school, Simeon. The music is also quite delightful.

Video of amazing following the jump.

I like the one where he blows by the white kid with a dirty shimmy/crossover combo and then jumps over someone. AKA every one of them.

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