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Former Chicago Bulls Guard-Forward Keith Bogans Out For Season

The New Jersey Nets PR department is reported that G-F Keith Bogans is out for the season with a deltoid ligament tear. Bogans played all 82 games for the Chicago Bulls in 2010-11, but only appeared in five games for the Nets in 2011-12 before going down with an injury in Wednesday night's game. In his few games with the Nets, he was averaging only 18.8 minutes and 4.2 minutes per game.


Bogans was nonplussed when the Bulls released Bogans in the abbreviated NBA preseason last December to make room for free agent shooting guard Richard Hamilton. Bogans has played for 7 different NBA teams at 8 different times and has had only one full-time starting gig -- the Bulls in 2010-11.


The 31-year-old has played in 591 career games, shooting a .395 field goal percentage while scoring 10.8 points per 36 minutes. His surgery is schedule for February 13.


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