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VIDEO: Chicago Bulls Defense Featured In NBA's Latest BIG Promo Spot

The NBA has been running a BIG advertising campaign to promote the 2011-12 season, and in the latest iteration the Chicago Bulls are featured for their defensive efforts. Tom Thibodeau has always demanded great defense from the Bulls, and sometimes runs Luol Deng into the ground to make sure he gets it on a nightly basis, but the system has worked. The Bulls rank third in the NBA in defensive efficiency for the season-to-date and force opponents to take the highest percentage of long two-point attempts of any unit in the league.

Enough talk, who's ready to see the NBA honor the swarming team defense of the Chicago Bulls?

The featured play focuses on a solid rotation against the Miami Heat that produces a Taj Gibson block on a flustered shot attempt by Udonis Haslem. The decision to run a play where the Bulls shut down the Heat, their primary competition to reach the NBA Finals, is quite interesting to say the least. Here's the text of the ad in its entirety:

Thank you for calling the Chicago Police Department. If your basketball has been stolen, please press one. If your offense has been dismantled, please press two. If your entire game plan has been ripped to shreds in front of 20,917 eyewitnesses, please press three. Please be patient we are currently processing multiple claims from [nearly every city pops up on the screen simultaneously]. As you can see, the problem has become rather BIG.

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