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Luol Deng Injury Update: Tom Thibodeau Says Bulls' Forward 'Diligent' In Rehab

While the Chicago Bulls seem content to rest starting shooting guard Richard 'Rip' Hamilton until his groin is fully healed, coach Tom Thibodeau is not being as generous with time off for Luol Deng. Deng has a wrist injury significant enough to warrant what would likely be season-ending surgery should he choose to have it, but after missing seven games, the small forward returned to score 21 points against the Milwaukee Bucks in a 113-90 Bulls win on Saturday.

Before tonight's contest against the New Jersey Nets, Thibodeau talked about how he was impressed with Deng's work ethic during his time off:

He stayed in great shape. He prepared himself well. He was diligent with his rehab. He did all the things you'd expect a good pro to do. I saw how hard he was working on his conditioning so I knew that part of it he would be fine.

CSN has the video:

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