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Joakim Noah's FINGER GUNZ .Gif Gets The Post It Deserves

We've seen finger gunz before.

Former Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas did it first, in the wake of a now-famous incident involving teammate Javaris Crittenton in which Arenas brought multiple unloaded handguns into the locker room after a gambling wager gone awry. Most didn't find the joke as funny as Washington's clown prince, and in the face of the ensuing shit-storm, Arenas busted out finger gunz after pre-game introductions in his first game after the story broke. It's one of my favorite sports pictures ever -- the rest of the Wizards busting their collective gut as David Stern and the league office achieved maximum shame.

Bulls center Joakim Noah is no stranger to finger gunz, either. Noah first busted out the heavy celebration artillery against the Pacers in the first game of the 2011 playoffs. Ever since, it's become something of a signature taunt for the charismatic Chicago big man, a move seemingly in debt to WWF stars of the '80s and '90s. On Saturday against the Bucks, Noah struck again after a second quarter three-pointer from Kyle Korver. A highly memorable .gif, after the jump...


(Click to play)

Trey Kerby has the full video up at The Basketball Jones, but some moments are just custom built for the .gif file. We are all better off for it.