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Benny The Bull Terrorizes The All-Star Game: Chicago Mascot Strokes Shaq's Face, Crowd Surfs, Scares Writer

Chicago Bulls mascot Benny the Bull is something of a professional rabble-rouser, and the All-Star Game is his Rushmore. Two years ago, Benny infamously busted out the "Single Ladies" dance in front of Jay-Z and Diddy, who looked decidedly unamused. Last year, he snuck up behind Justin Bieber and put the kid in a chokehold. With the Bulls' presence at the All-Star Game stronger than ever in 2012, the spotlight was on. SB Nation Chicago is glad to report sports' most mischievous mascot did not disappoint.

To the surprise of no one who has ever had a big bag of popcorn tossed on them unexpectedly at the United Center, it appears as if Benny caused more havoc than ever at the All-Star Game this year. His reign of terror cannot and will not be stopped.

New favorite thing alert: this .gif of Benny stroking Shaq's face. "9.8 out of 10, Best New .GIF" -- Pitchfork.


Benny the Bull also went crowd surfing, because that's a very Benny the Bull thing to do.


Tweets That Made My Day, Part I:

Part II, from the very excellent Zach Lowe, proprietor of SI's essential Point-Forward NBA blog:



LOL is right.

We'll close with a word from the mascot himself:

Until next year in Houston, Benny the Bull. A nation awaits.