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2012 NBA MVP Power Rankings: Chicago's Derrick Rose Jumps To No. 3

Even while he's been limited by back spasms, the Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose has been moved up to No. 3 on Tom Ziller's 2012 NBA MVP Power Rankings for SB Nation. The league's reigning MVP was placed No. 4 on Ziller's list last week, but the team's play when Rose is healthy has left a strong impression:

The Bulls have managed to hang on in Rose's repeated injury absences, but turn into an absolute juggernaut when he's back on the court. Watching how hard Luol Deng -- an incredible player -- has to work to fill Rose's gaps is telling.

Deng has been quite impressive in Rose's absences, but the point guard continues to be the centerpiece of Chicago's master plan for success. He's been exceptional for the Bulls when on the court this season, averaging 22 points, 3.5 rebounds and 7.7 assists per game.

Miami's LeBron James continues to lead the pack in Ziller's MVP power rankings, followed by Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant. Two guards from Los Angeles, the Clippers' Chris Paul and the Lakers' Kobe Bryant, round out the top five.

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