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NBA Standings 2012: Bulls Lead Loses Half-Game In Central Division

The Chicago Bulls had their five-game losing streak snapped Sunday, as they lost to the Boston Celtics, 95-89, in an Eastern Conference showdown. The loss drops the Bulls to 23-7 overall and allowed them to lose a 1/2 game on the idle Indiana Pacers in the Central Division standings.

The only other Central Division rival in action Sunday was the Detroit Pistons, who lost to the Washington Wizards, 98-77.

Central Standings

Chicago 23 7 .766 0 Lost 1
Indiana 17 10 .629 4.5 Lost 3
Milwaukee 12 15 .444 9.5 Lost 1
Cleveland 10 16 .384 11 Lost 2
Detroit 8 21 .275 14.5 Lost 1

(updated 2.12.2012 at 8:31 PM EST)

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