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Kyle Korver remembers his time with Bulls

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Former Bulls reserve Kyle Korver has fond memories of Chicago.


Kyle Korver, who the Chicago Bulls traded to the Atlanta Hawks for cash and a trade exception in the offseason, returned to Chicago as the Hawks beat the Bulls Saturday.

Korver talked with Aggrey Sam of Comcast Sports Net Chicago about how much he enjoyed his time with the Bulls and in Chicago.

"I miss the people, man. I miss the fans. Such a great sports town. I've got a lot of really good friends there, on the team, off the team. I was involved in a really great community there. I definitely miss the people," Korver told Sam. "I definitely don't miss driving in and out from the Berto to downtown. I use up like one tank of gas a month here and that's a beautiful thing for a lot of reasons. But other than that, I definitely miss a lot about Chicago."

Korver is averaging 10.7 points per game and making 44 percent of his three-pointers for the Hawks this season.