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Jabari Parker to Duke: Luol Deng pleased with Simeon star's decision

Chicago Bulls star and former Duke standout Luol Deng is pleased Jabari Parker picked Duke.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The city of Chicago had one big-name basketball player watching the decision of another closely today, as Chicago Bulls star and former Duke Blue Devils player Luol Deng was hoping Simeon High School star Jabari Parker, the top prospect in the 2013 class, picked Duke, reports Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago:

"(If Parker picks Duke) it just shows you another great job by Duke and their recruiting and the way they do things over there," Deng told Rogers after Bulls practice on Thursday. "It's just a great school and a great program. Playing for Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) is something special. You either realize it before you go, while you're there or when you leave. I know they'll be real excited if it happens."

Deng also told Rogers he thinks its fine that stars like Parker hold big press events to announce their college decisions.

"Now that I look back I think it's great," Deng told Rogers. "You're always going to talk about the day you committed. You want to make it as unique as you can."