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Nate Robinson mocks Carlos Boozer's hair on Instagram

Nate Robinson made fun of Carlos Boozer's infamous spray-on hair on Instagram on Wednesday.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson took to Instagram on Wednesday to make fun of teammate Carlos Boozer and his hair. Robinson posted a picture of a Boozer bobblehead along with a photo of Boozer when it looked as if he had decided to paint hair onto his head.

Making fun of Boozer's hair has been an ongoing joke over the past year ever since he suddenly had a fuller head of "hair" in February that looked to be spray-on hair. Boozer was the butt of many jokes at the time around the league, and the bobblehead that Robinson posted a picture of looked very similar to the spray-on hair mistake of Boozer.

Robinson was a member of the Warriors last season and not on the Bulls when Boozer's hair was the most popular joke in the NBA. Still that didn't stop Robinson from posting the photo and saying to Boozer, "sorry, but I had too [sic] lol."