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Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau wants Joakim Noah to keep pushing

On Friday, Joakim Noah set career highs in points (30) and rebounds (23) against the Detroit Pistons.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

After Joakim Noah set career highs in points and rebounds on Friday, coach Tom Thibodeau knows that the Bulls' center is capable of performing on that level every night. Coach Thibodeau said,

"It's in him. I think he's got to continue to push himself. I think he could do a lot better than he's doing right now. He's worked at his game, but there's things (in his game) I still think that he could get to that he hasn't gotten to yet."

Noah had a career-high 30 points and 23 rebounds on Friday against the Detroit Pistons. While one great game is certainly encouraging, Thibodeau would like to see this type of effort every night:

"Just be consistent," Thibodeau said. "Come back the next night and do it again. Just keep growing, play hard every play. I felt he did all the things necessary and needed in that game. I thought we were flat, (he) gave us great energy, multiple effort, scored, play-maked, played great defense, was a leader. He has to do it every night, though."

Noah is a fairly reliable scorer and rebounder, but he still has the tendency to occasionally come out flat. When he does, the whole team suffers. The Bulls are 11-8 so far this season, and they are 10-4 when Noah scores 10 or more points.

The Bulls have won five of their last six, and they take on the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night. The last time Chicago took on the Clippers, Noah had just four points and seven rebounds, and the Bulls lost, 101-80.