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Bulls PF Taj Gibson explains ejection vs. Knicks

Chicago's sixth man spoke out with his side of the story on Sunday.


The Chicago Bulls defeated the New York Knicks over the weekend, but largely without power forward Taj Gibson, who was ejected by referee Derrick Stafford in the second quarter of the game. Gibson received two technicals after arguing a loose ball foul, and he told reporters on Sunday that he was dumbfounded by the decision.

"What can you do?" Gibson said. "It's the refs. The refs run this league. Whatever he calls is going to be a call, but I thought I handled it the right way. I just asked him a question and he T'd me up. And I went to sit down, and he T'd me up again.

"I called him by his name. I said, ‘Derrick, there was some tough calls in there early.' I just addressed my opinion. I said, ‘You got to watch it. It's real physical.' And he just turned and T'd me up. And I said, ‘Are you serious?' And he T'd me up again."

(via ESPN Chicago)

Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau was even more diplomatic saying that after a first technical, players need to "let it go" in order to avoid receiving a second technical and an ejection. Gibson also told reporters that he was relieved to see the team win even as he watched from the locker room.

Fortunately for Gibson, he was not punished further by the NBA or team after the ejection and will be on the floor on Tuesday when the Bulls host the Los Angeles Clippers. Gibson has been a disappointment so far this season, averaging just 5.9 points and 4.5 rebounds per game, but is still the backbone of Chicago's second unit.