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Bulls reaction: Three-point shooting a problem early in the season

The Chicago Bulls are 2-1 in the young 2012-13 NBA season. Blog-a-Bull broke down the early returns.

Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

The Chicago Bulls are 2-1 in the young NBA season. Three games do not a full 82 game season make, but a few fledgling trends can be commented on for closer scrutiny as the year moves forward. Blog-a-Bull has a detailed breakdown of the Bulls' opening week by JayPatt, and the full thing is worth a read for the analysis-hungry fan.

One big concern for the Bulls early in the year is three-point shooting. They are last in the league in attempts, at 12 a game, and they are shooting 25 percent so far from deep. The team is taking lots of long twos - shades of the Vinny Del Negro days - and they're only shooting 29.6 percent on those jumpers.

On the plus side, the Bulls defense is good thus far, leading the league in defensive rating (or points per 100 possessions) at 93.4. The team is making up for some of its shooting woes by getting to the line at a high rate and making the freebies when they get them.