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Chicago Bulls embodying Tom Thibodeau's ethos during hot start

The Chicago Bulls have gotten off to a 2-0 start thanks to hard work and stifling defense, two things that are always stressed by coach Tom Thibodeau.

Jonathan Daniel

Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau demands perfection.

Even if the Bulls are playing or practicing well, Thibodeau will push for more and point out things that can be fixed. The Bulls have embraced Thibodeau's style, which is a reason why they can blow out teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night even with Derrick Rose out of the lineup, via ESPN Chicago:

"It's how we practice," said Bulls forward Luol Deng. "We practice hard so it's easy to play hard out there. It's just what we do every game and we stay on each other. We stay on each other and we got a team where everyone listens to everyone. So it's really easy to, if you see something, it's really easy to tell the next guy."

Chicago stomped on Cleveland from the start, running out to a 32-16 lead after one quarter and never looking back en route to a 115-86 win. There were brief lapses as the game went on, but the Bulls did an excellent job keeping their foot on the gas pedal and not letting the Cavs back in the game.

Like Deng, Thibodeau stressed the importance of preparation and how it shows up in games:

"When you look at intensity you have to understand where it comes from. It comes from your concentration, being prepared, and your effort. When you put those three things together you'll be intense. It doesn't come from emotion. You have to understand where it does come from. So if we put the work in and we do the right things and we're ready to go, we'll be intense."

Chicago has started 2-0 this season, giving up only 86.5 points per game in the process. The Bulls will look to continue their hot start when the New Orleans Hornets visit the United Center on Saturday.