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NBA scores: Bulls, Bucks and Pacers winning in division

The Chicago Bulls have won games this week, but so have their division rivals.

Jonathan Daniel

Outside of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Central Division of the Eastern Conference has been doing pretty good lately. Sure, none of the teams have an eye-popping record, but they're all picking up wins thus far this week, while three teams sit with the same number of wins atop the division.

On Monday, the Chicago Bulls fell to the Milwaukee Bucks, who picked up their seventh win at that point. Richard Hamilton had 30 points that night, but the Bucks simply turned in a more balanced performance, taking the 93-92 win. The Bulls were able to get back into the win column on Wednesday though, besting the Dallas Mavericks in a 101-78 game.

That also coincided with a Bucks loss, falling 102-88 to the New York Knicks on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Indiana Pacers picked up a win on Tuesday, which put them at seven wins. Following Wednesday's games, the Bulls, Bucks and Pacers all have seven wins.

The Detroit Pistons are beginning to pull away from the Cavs as well, with wins on Monday and Wednesday, while the Cavs dropped their games on Monday and Tuesday. For a full scoreboard, go to this link here.