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NBA power rankings 2012: Chicago Bulls sliding

A pile up of losses has the Chicago Bulls moving down NBA power rankings across the web.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Chicago Bulls have lost four of their last five, and experts across the Internet are taking notice. Even before Monday night's loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, experts had knocked Chicago down a few rungs on their power rankings.

SB Nation's own Seth Rosenthal moved the Bulls down two spots to No. 14 after dropping to 6-6. Rosenthal pegs Chicago's questionable late-game offense as a culprit of its struggles, but says they are doing a good job of locking down defensively to make up for it.'s power rankings, by John Schuhmann, have also moved the Bulls down from No. 12 to No. 14, but Schuhmann disagrees with the quality of the Bulls' defensive efforts. "They rank 25th in fourth-quarter defense even though their best defenders play the most fourth-quarter minutes," according to Schuhmann.

ESPN's Marc Stein is a bit more bullish, if you will, on the Bulls. Although he did move Chicago down, it still rests at No. 12. Stein expresses concern over the Bulls having given up more than 100 points in four straight games.

But all those came before Monday's loss to the Bucks. Fox Sports' Sam Amico has knocked the Bulls all the way down to No. 19 after that loss, throwing salt in the wound of their skid with this shot:

If only the Bulls had a speedy playmaker that could score on his own and set up teammates for easy shots. Get well soon, Derrick Rose. Otherwise, your team might be playing the lottery. -Sam Amico

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