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Former coach Scott Skiles sees lots to like in Chicago Bulls

Despite a slow start without Derrick Rose, Bucks coach Scott Skiles thinks the Bulls will have no problems turning things around.


The Chicago Bulls may have gotten off to a middling start without Derrick Rose in the lineup, but Milwaukee Bucks coach Scott Skiles believes the team is better than their .500 record and will get on track without their star.

Skiles, a former Bulls head coach, has some familiarity with several players on the roster and tossed some bouquets in their direction. He also believes the Bulls' new bench will get things going after a slow start (via ESPN Chicago):

"I've been around some of those (Bulls) guys. I just think they're good players. Kirk (Hinrich) is a good player. Lu (Luol Deng) is a good player. Jo (Joakim Noah) is a good player. (Carlos) Boozer is a good player. I don't mean to be leaving anybody out. Their bench is different. I think at some point they'll get that worked out, get it ironed out and just kind of hit a stride at some point."

Prior to the season, many expected the Indiana Pacers to win the Central Division. But the Pacers have struggled out of the gates with Danny Granger sidelined, leaving the door wide open for the rest of the division. Chicago and Milwaukee are currently at the top, although neither team has played particularly well. While it looks like the race for the Central will be a tight one, Skiles says there's no guarantee of that:

"We'll see," Skiles said. "It's still early."