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2012 NBA power rankings: Bulls drop to 14th

The annual "circus road trip" across the west has done its dirty work on the Bulls, stifling the team's early success.


While a victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday ended their three game skid, the Chicago Bulls still dropped to 14th in the latest NBA power rankings from SB Nation's Seth Rosenthal. Chicago has been characteristically shaky during its annual "winter circus trip," though many of the team's issues have persisted all season.

"Chicago's offense -- particularly late in games -- is struggling to the point that they must lock down defensively and recoup a substantial portion of their own misses to stay competitive," Rosenthal writes. "They seem to know that, though, and are still doing a good job of both."

This season, the Bulls are averaging 94.2 points per game, currently good for 23rd in the league. Chicago has stayed competitive by playing good defense and attacking the boards, though the team's offensive limitations will ultimately lead to some losses.

On Monday night, the Bulls are visiting the Bucks again with an opportunity to get back above .500.