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Bulls' Carlos Boozer cracks list of egregious chuckers

Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls has made a Grantland list for egregious chuckers.

Stephen Dunn

Over at Grantland, Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls was named to their "All-Chuckers," team. In other words, it's a list of players who take an awful lot of shots, don't pass the ball very much, and at the end of the day come out looking pretty inefficient. Boozer joins guys like Monta Ellis and Danny Granger on the list, though it's not all bad when it comes to Boozer.

They do go on to say that eliminating Boozer without Derrick Rose available would place the Bulls among the half-dozen worst teams in the league offensively. The combination of Joakim Noah and Boozer gets high marks, with Boozer's mid-range shooting and underrated passing getting particular note.

When Rose returns, it brings to question Boozer's tendencies with the ball in his hands. Will he pass it, or will he continue his high-volume offense that has proven thus far to be very inefficient?