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Derrick Rose injury: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson plans talking to Bulls star about rehab

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson knows what Derrick Rose is going through -- and plans on calling the injured MVP in the coming days.

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson knows all about catastrophic knee injuries -- something that Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose suffered in the opening round of last year's NBA Playoffs.

Peterson, who made an amazing recovery ahead of schedule, is planning on talking to Rose about the injury and the road to recovery.

"It's funny you bring that up because I plan on calling the day after tomorrow," Peterson said. "I just got his contact this weekend, just to talk to him a little bit and see how things are going with him and to answer any questions he has for me."

Peterson's main advice he plans on giving Rose? "Don't back down from anything," as there will certainly be obstacles to overcome during the rehab process.

Minnesota's star running back tore his ACL in a late December game against the Washington Redskins in 2011, but remarkably recovered from the injury in time to play in Minnesota's 2012 season opener this season.

Peterson has been successful this year, too, and currently leads the NFL in rushing yards with 1,128, and rushing yards per game, with 112.8. Peterson ranks second in the NFL in rushing touchdowns as well, with seven.

If Rose can return and play to the same level Peterson is playing in the NFL, then the Chicago Bulls and Bulls fans will be very, very pleased.