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Phil Jackson nonchalantly draining a hook shot in mom jeans is your new favorite .GIF

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Phil Jackson is the man, and never forget it.

There are some things that are custom built for the .GIF, everyone's favorite file extension that isn't exactly a word but is somehow still the 'Word of the Year' because humans are inherently good and you only live once (YOLO finished second) so you might as well name cool things 'Word of the Year' regardless of whether of not they're actually a word, you know? Phil Jackson draining a lefty hook shot in mom jeans at the United Center somewhere between 1995 and 1998 is most definitely one of these things. Look at it: it is perfect, totally and completely, so much so that it's causing me to Google synonyms of the word. This is flawless, impeccable A-Ok, even. Aces? Yeah, let's go with aces.

As someone who was raised on the unimpeded success of Michael and Scottie, et. al and also as someone who is not at all ashamed to admit he may own multiple collections of old Bulls games on DVD, I feel well qualified to guess this was likely lifted from one of the many Bulls championship videos put out throughout the '90s. It is great and I kind of want it framed and hung on my living room wall, because it's 2012 and we really should be able to frame .GIFs and hang them on our walls at this point, right? I think so.

Via Dan Devine.