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2012 NBA power rankings: Bulls fall out of top 10

The Chicago Bulls have slipped outside of the top 10 in all the NBA power rankings from around the web.


The Chicago Bulls have lost three of their last four games, fallen to 5-5 overall, and dropped out of the top 10 in NBA power rankings. The Bulls vaunted defense has fallen off as of late, allowing each of their last four opponents to surpass 100 points.

On the one hand this is disappointing for a Chicago team that started the season playing terrific defense, but on the other hand, they are still 5-5 and no one expected much better than .500 without Derrick Rose.

In Seth Rosenthal's power rankings at SB Nation, the Bulls come in at No. 12 and most other rankings value the Bulls in a similar manner. At ESPN, Marc Stein has Chicago at No. 11. The Bulls come in at No. 12 in John Schuhmann's power rankings at Chicago is ranked No. 16 in Sam Amico's rankings at Fox Sports. And at Pro Basketball Talk, Kurt Helin has the Bulls at No. 14.

Overall that gives the Bulls an average power ranking of 13, which although lower than last week, is not much worse than most would have expected at this point in the season.