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2012 NBA standings: Bulls half-game behind Milwaukee Bucks

The Chicago Bulls are second place in the Central Division, a half-game behind the Milwaukee Bucks.

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

The Chicago Bulls are 5-3 and sit a half-game behind the Milwaukee Bucks (5-2) in the Central Division. In the Eastern Conference the Bulls currently are tied with the Boston Celtics (5-3) for the fifth seed.

Behind the Bucks and the Bulls in the Central Division the Indiana Pacers (3-6) are in third place, 2.5 games behind the Bulls. The Cleveland Cavaliers (2-6) are in fourth place and are 3.0 games behind Chicago. The Detroit Pistons are in last place in the division at 1-8.

The New York Knicks lead the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference as the only remaining undefeated team at 5-0. The Miami Heat lead the Southeast at 6-3 and would be the third seed in the Eastern Conference behind the Knicks and the Bucks.

The Brooklyn Nets have the best record in the East among non-division leaders at 4-2 followed by the Bulls and Celtics. The Bobcats (4-3) and 76ers (4-4) are the only other two teams with a .500 or better record in the East.

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