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Scottie Pippen hopes to one day become NBA coach

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen thinks he wants to coach, though he has no experience on the bench

Jim Rogash

Scottie Pippen - Bulls legend, six-time NBA champion, wingman extraordinaire - now thinks that he would, someday, like to become a head coach in the National Basketball Association. Pippen talked about his coaching aspirations on ESPN 1000's "Waddle and Silvy Show" on Tuesday, including his feelings on having former coach Phil Jackson working above him in a front office, wherever the duo might land:

"Phil is a great person, a great mind for the game and I know he still wants to be a part of the game, so if that scenario were to happen, yes, it would be great to be able to work for a guy who's been your mentor throughout your career."

Pippen has never coached formally at any level of the game, yet his name came up in rumors this past summer for the Orlando job left open by Stan Van Gundy's departure. Jackson was talked about as a possible executive hire for the Magic, but the former Bulls and Lakers coach didn't want any such position.

Though it might seem absurd to think of a team handing its head coaching position to a man with no experience, Mark Jackson had just that happen to him when he took the Golden State job last year. For Pippen's part, he doesn't claim that he was close to landing a job at any time during this past offseason, saying "I just think it was some rumors that got out there."