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Bulls reaction: Hinrich will be "gametime" decision for preseason finale

SB Nation's Bulls blog, Blog a Bull, has more info regarding Kirk Hinrich's groin injury.


The Chicago Bulls' point guard situation has become rather dire this past week, as Kirk Hinrich, who was supposed to keep things steady while Derrick Rose recovers from a torn ACL, injured his groin on Tuesday. SB Nation's Bulls blog, Blog a Bull, has more on Hinrich's status for the team's preseason finale on Friday against the Pacers in South Bend, Ind.

As KC alludes to there [towards Thibodeau giving vague injury assessments], this already harkens back to last season's nonsense with the injury updates to Rose and other Bulls. Thibs doesn't like to give out state secrets, because he's a coach and coaches are insane people. KC did provide the only actual reporting I could find [that few seem to think Hinrich will miss the season opener].

There doesn't seem to be a lot of concern that Hinrich will miss much time, but a groin injury can nag a player for sometimes entire seasons, and that's something Bulls can't really afford. The backup point guard is Nate Robinson. The best case scenario for Rose's return is after the All-Star break, but most seem to think it will be a few weeks after that.

The Bulls open the regular season against their regular season against the Sacramento Kings on Wed, Oct. 31, at the United Center.