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Kevin Durant says Derrick Rose will return at full strength

The Thunder star expressed his confidence that Bulls point guard Derrick Rose will be able to return to full strength after his ACL injury.


The Oklahoma City Thunder were in the Windy City on Tuesday night to face the Chicago Bulls in preseason action, and before the game, Kevin Durant told reporters that he believes Derrick Rose will fully recover from his ACL injury.

"I know he's going to get stronger and better," Durant said. "I'll be praying for him, of course. I'm watching his videos online. I know he's going to have a really, really nice comeback here for the Bulls and be at full strength."

(via ESPN Chicago)

Durant also said he believes Rose will benefit from the core weight training he's doing as he rehabs from his injury. Durant and Rose have played together on Team USA before, and Rose also works out with Russell Westbrook over the summer. Durant told reporters that the two's training has helped both become better players.

Rose, of course, will be out for much of the season as he comes back from his injury. His replacement, Kirk Hinrich, has suffered various nicks so far in the preseason, though backup Nate Robinson has been strong this preseason. First-round pick Marquis Teague, who played just four minutes on Tuesday night, does not appear to be part of Tom Thibodeau's rotation plans.