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Chicago Bulls C Joakim Noah says ankle is healed

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah reports that his left ankle has completely healed after injuring it in last year's postseason.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah told the media on Monday that his injured left ankle has completely healed, and that he will be ready to go to start the season (via ESPN Chicago):

"I feel great," Noah said. "I feel ready to go. My ankle is good. I spent a lot of time rehabbing this offseason. I had a very hard decision to make not playing in the Olympics. I know a lot of people were disappointed, especially in France ... Just to be 100 percent to be ready for this (training camp)."

Noah injured his ankle in gruesome fashion in Game 3 of the Bulls' first round playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers. After initially leaving the game, Noah tried to return, but was noticeably hobbled. He missed the rest of the series as well as the Olympics.

Noah resumed workouts in the middle of the summer, spending some time with NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. With Derrick Rose out indefinitely with a knee injury, any improvements made by Noah on the offensive side of the ball would be a huge plus for the Bulls.

Noah averaged 10.2 points and 9.8 rebounds last season.