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Michael Jordan BBQ sauce sells for 10K on eBay

A gallon of Michael Jordan barbecue sauce sold for 10K on eBay.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

A gallon of barbecue sauce that was intended to be used on McDonald's McJordan sandwich in 1992 sold for $9,995.00 according to the item's seller on eBay.

The McJordan sandwich was scheduled as a regional promotion during the Chicago Bulls early championship runs. The promotion was the first time McDonald's named a sandwich after a person.

Mort Bank, a former McDonalds owner in North Dakota, has had the sauce available for sale for several months but would not accept a bid below $10,000. Before the sauce gained momentum on the internet, the highest bid Bank received was for $1,000.

The gallon of sauce was pictured on eBay in a clear plastic gallon container with a white label with the Mcdonald's logo and the title "McJordan BBQ Sauce" on it.

Bank is a former Minnesota Timberwolves season-ticket hold and also a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers since their time spent as the Minneapolis Lakers. Bank did not share any information about the buyer except that he was a male from Chicago.